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If you want to use Tiny Burner for backup purposes, we have another freeware program that can be used as complementary tool. FBackup is a free backup software that you can use to easily back-up important documents. It will allow you to define backup jobs, and at intervals defined by you it will automatically run the backups. This way your documents will be protected without you having to remember to run the backup each time. FBackup cannot back-up to CD/DVD or Blu-ray, so you can use it to have a back-up redundancy system in place (you manually make backups to CD/DVD or Blu-ray with Tiny Burner, while automatically making the same back-up to other mediums with FBackup).

doPDF is another freeware program created by Softland (the maker of Tiny Burner), that will give you the ability to transform any printable document into a PDF file. Given the fact that PDF files are very common now, doPDF is a must on every computer. You'll also be pleased on how fast and extremely easy to use it is.

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We have recently released the translation kit, so right now English is the only available language. If you want to see the website translated in your language you can help us, just visit the Languages page and send us an email.

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burn CD, DVD, Blu-ray for free
Download Tiny Burner
12.5 MB | 1.0.202 | 1-April-2011

Download Tiny Burner now!

Tiny Burner is a free DVD burning software for both personal and commercial use and works on Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 and 2008/2003/2000 Server (32 and 64-bit). Download it now and start burning your data to CD/DVD/Blu-ray.

Feature Highlights

We created Tiny Burner and released it as freeware to give users a way to burn data on CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs. This is why Tiny Burner is one of the most lightweight (to avoid saying "tiny" again) free DVD burning software - the setup is somewhat around 5MB and you don't need any other programs installed in order to burn discs. By downloading this free burner, you will be able to burn data to CD/DVD/Blu-ray for free as soon as it is installed. Here's some of the features Tiny Burner has:

  • Cancel/Load/Eject - if you've started the burning process and changed your mind, hit Cancel to stop it. Furthermore, use Load/Eject to load the currently selected drive or eject it, without having to manually push a button.
  • Burn Speed - you can select a burning speed if you don't want to let Tiny Burner write the disc at the maximum speed.
  • Sessions - if a disc contains previously written data in several sessions, by default the last session will be loaded but you can select a different session to be imported too.
  • Extract from the disc - you can save selected files/folders from the disc to the hard disk.
  • Erase disc - you can perform a quick erase of the disc (if the disc is re-writable) or if you want to be sure everything is completely wiped out you can use the Full Erase option.
  • ISO images - you can convert a project into an ISO image and burn that image to another CD/DVD/Blu-ray.
  • Disc Information - information about the disc in the selected drive can be shown, to be sure that you have enough space on the destination disc.
  • Drop target window - a drop target window can be opened where you can "gather" the files you want to write to the disc.
  • Perform OPC - Performing OPC is a special technique used in newer CD-Recorders for monitoring and maintaining the quality of the disc writing and ensuring the accuracy of all the mark and lands lengths across the disc. The term Performing OPC actually describes a general process which is also known by several trade names including "Dynamic Power Control (DPC)" and "Direct Read During Write (DRDW)".
  • Bootable disc - you can burn the disc as bootable.
  • Verify written data - Tiny Burner will ask if you want to verify the written data (and you can check that option for it to remember each time what to do).
  • Save to ini - the settings of the program are kept in an ini file, you can save this way the configuration in case you want to move the same settings on a new computer

Tiny Burner Portable

Tiny Burner has a portable version too. This means that you can install it on a portable device (such as on a USB flash drive) and use it on other computers, without needing to install it on every computer you want to use it on. Here's what you have to do to install Tiny Burner on a USB flash drive:

  • Download it here: Tiny Burner Portable
  • Run the installer from your computer and choose to install it on the portable device.

After that you can simply open Tiny Burner portable by double-clicking on TinyBurnerPortable.exe from the USB flash drive.

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End-user license agreement

Tiny Burner has an End-User License Agreement (EULA) that you have to agree to during the installation in order to be able to start using it. You are advised to read it before continuing the installation. If you want to print and/or read the agreement before starting the installation, use one of the links below to download the EULA for the latest version of Tiny Burner: