Other Free Software

If you want to use Tiny Burner for backup purposes, we have another freeware program that can be used as complementary tool. FBackup is a free backup software that you can use to easily back-up important documents. It will allow you to define backup jobs, and at intervals defined by you it will automatically run the backups. This way your documents will be protected without you having to remember to run the backup each time. FBackup cannot back-up to CD/DVD or Blu-ray, so you can use it to have a back-up redundancy system in place (you manually make backups to CD/DVD or Blu-ray with Tiny Burner, while automatically making the same back-up to other mediums with FBackup).

doPDF is another freeware program created by Softland (the maker of Tiny Burner), that will give you the ability to transform any printable document into a PDF file. Given the fact that PDF files are very common now, doPDF is a must on every computer. You'll also be pleased on how fast and extremely easy to use it is.

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Languages Available

We have recently released the translation kit, so right now English is the only available language. If you want to see the website translated in your language you can help us, just visit the Languages page and send us an email.

Languages Available

help translate Tiny Burner

Tiny Burner offers multi-language support which eases the daily use of the program and will help you to use it as efficiently as possible especially if English is not your native language.

We have just released the language translation engine so right now only English is available. If you are interested in helping us translate the Tiny Burner website and/or its interface, send an email to info@tinyburner.com and we will contact you.

Language Status Translated by
English English [default] -
Italian Italian Interface: Incomplete NA
Website: Complete Fabrizio Puxxup Ferraro